The success of the Russian “intervention campaign”

The success of the Russian “intervention campaign” in the course of the presidential elections in the United States has shown that it is time for the American counterintelligence to reconsider the methods they are using now, writes on the pages of The Daily … ias11.06.2017 Comments Not everyone is a carnival … Sebastian Roblin, a reviewer of the National Interest, questioned the military power of the USA.

floating targets

The aircraft carriers, which are considered the main strike force of the US Navy in conducting operations involving the use of non-nuclear weapons, are just “floating targets”.

The third world countries will still be frightened of them, but a serious enemy will smear on the water surface, and remember how they called. How did the symbol turn into a target? Roblin decided to compare the combat capabilities of US aircraft carriers and options for opposition from a possible adversary.

The danger to them is represented by Chinese anti-ship missiles and Russian submarines. Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles DF-21D have a flight range of about 1500 kilometers, plus they possess maneuverability, having high accuracy of defeat.

Aircraft carriers to conduct combat operations against coastal targets will have to reduce the distance, coming closer to the shore, substituting themselves for the attack of the enemy.


One missile hit from China and there is no aircraft carrier. The submarines also remain one of the main threats to the ships, regardless … ias11.06.2017EventsCommentsMany secrets from the Soviet past today are becoming known. So it happened with the case of Novocherkassk shooting. Although for the city residents the events of June 2, 1962 will forever remain in my memory. Why did the workers rise up, and what lies behind the secret mission of the symphony orchestra? ias11.06.2017Events in the worldCommentsPhoto:  The next revelations from the director Oliver Stone, who made a film epic about Vladimir Putin. Stone told The New York Times that the Russian leader admired him with his endurance, discipline and diligence.

The UK is again in the world’s leaders. After the June 8 parliamentary elections, the British Parliament became the most “iridescent” legislative body from among all the countries of the world.ias11.06.2017EventsKomendations Left and right paintings of Konstantin Vasilyev (The Man with the Filin and One). In the center is Cornelius, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church (in the world Konstantin Ivanovich Titov).

Born in Orekhovo-Zuevo (Moscow region) in the family of the Old Believers. N_ELENA Source: ias11.06.2017EventsComments The rule is actually quite simple – the later the child will wear shoes – the healthier will be his foot. True, given the climate, many of us need shoes 9 months out of 12, so it is very important to choose shoes that will deform the foot minimally.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to do without deformation … The results of studies published in authoritative medical journals: The influence of shoes on the prevalence of flat foot. 2,300 children were examined. We analyzed footprints of 2300 children ages four to 13 years old to determine the influence of shoes on the prevalence of flat foot. Influence among children who used shoes was 8.6%, compared to 2.8% among those who did not use (p less than 0.001).

Moscow was “chaotic”

The significant difference between those children who mostly went to shoes and those who were not, was seen in all age groups, especially noticeable among children with a general weakness of ligaments. A flat foot was most often seen among children who wore shoes with a closed toe, less often – among those who wore sandals or slippers, and least …

If earlier Moscow was “chaotic”, abounded with kiosks, crowds of people, beggars and drunkards, today it looks “much calmer and more groomed”, even in spite of the economic consequences … ias11.06.2017Events in the worldComments.

Under the amnesty, the youngest son of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam Qaddafi, who was captured by the armed group Abu Bakr al-Siddiq in 2011, was released. Leave his homeland, he does not intend, because he can not calmly look at the horror that is happening in the previously blooming Libya. Hatred of NATO and the US, perhaps, intensified many times after the tests that fell on his.

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Russian Zone

A young woman who says that the doctors assigned her a massage, but in fact she has cancer, which is already incurable. In addition, her hospital was closed in the city, and she was treated by a doctor … ias16.06.2017CommentsCommentsImmediately following Trump’s statement about the rejection of Obama’s policy on normalizing relations with Cuba and tightening the policy towards Havana // 06/16 / trumpcuba / 1. The attempt to start building a wall on the border with Mexico turned out to be a failure of Mexico to pay it. The attempt to give a signal to China through the bombardment of Shayrat resulted in the growth of Chinese military activity in the South China Sea. An attempt to signal again to China by dumping a “big bomb” on the Taliban turned into a new powerful spring offensive by the Taliban and the need to urgently strengthen the US grouping in Afghanistan.4.

Attempts to press the DPRK through the threat of an attack turned into massive launches of various missiles by Kim Jong-no, problems with the deployment of THAAD and light panic among the Allies. Attempts to replace Iran with Iranian “proxy” attacks resulted in the cutting off of American forces operating from Jordan from the main part of Syria. Well, now, it’s time to “bring the light of freedom to Cuba.” I’m worried about Guantanamo. In fact, for the first few months, Trump was able to achieve only a way out of the climate agreement … ias16.06.2017EventsComments

During the “Straight Line”, Vladimir Putin described the advantages of sanctions imposed against Russia. Thanks to them, he said, the country was forced to “concentrate resources in key areas”. Because of sanctions, Russia, according to the UN, lost $ 50-52 billion, and those who introduced them – $ 100 billion, the president said.

What should Russia expect from the EU? Ias16.06.2017Events in the worldCommentsPhoto: BeeBright / NEW YORK, June 16. / Corr. Ivan Pilshchikov. Employees of the British special services, as well as their American counterparts, came to the conclusion that the WannaCry virus, which in May hit computers in 150 countries, was created on the orders of the DPRK authorities.

This was reported by CNN.ias16.06.2017Comments of CommentsThe Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that a group of 152.4 mm modified self-propelled howitzers 2S19M2 Msta-S entered the newly formed tank army of the Western Military District.

The tank army is not only tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, but strong elements of support and maintenance of their actions, which means that along with the formation of these units, other weapons systems are also supplied. A new batch of guns fell into the 2nd Taman Guards Motorized Rifle Division (based in Alabino) and the 4th Kantemirovskaya Guards Tank Division (Naro-Fominsk). It was also reported that the supply of howitzers was accompanied by the renewal of the parks of technical equipment intended for them.

Subdivisions of self-propelled howitzers will take part in the first training of the 1st Guards Tank Army for the first time this summer. One of the reasons for the formation of this newly created operational-tactical compound is the worsening (in fact, the already long-lasting conflict) of Russian-Ukrainian relations. As a result, Moscow wants to have strong units located closer to … ias16.06.2017EventsCommentsBall aircraft (UAV) helicopter-type “Raven 777-1” was created in Russia to conduct electronic warfare and use small arms, told RIA Novosti an informed source in the defense- industrial complex. “Raven 777-1” developed on the basis of the previous model “Raven 700”. UAVs of the “Raven” family are already used in the domestic security structures, in particular in the FSB, for reconnaissance and monitoring.

“A new model of a helicopter-type UAV” Raven 777-1 “was created in the KB” Seeker “of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), the UAV, which had the opportunity to carry the EW system and weapons, was already undergoing the necessary tests. -2019 years “, – the interlocutor of the agency said. As the famous Russian expert in the field of unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov said, equipping such devices, including a light enough class, with weapons has become one of the trends of recent years, criação de site em aparecida de goiania.

“Requests, directly or indirectly formulated by customers, force developers to offer … ias16.06.2017EventsComments iphone6unlockhelp

The Federal News Agency presents the translation of the article by U.S. Navy Can not Figure Out Why the F-18 Pilots Are Running Short of Oxygen (“The US Navy can not find the reason why the pilots … ias16.06.2017Events Comments On Thursday, Russian President Putin answered the main and very difficult questions of residents Russia, including even Ukraine.

There are many difficulties in our life, for example, we had to rebuild the economy on the go under the weight of sanctions and falling prices for oil, our “geopolitical partners” even boasted that they tore our economy “to shreds.” years, we are increasing GDP, that is all our Suitable revenues.

While on a fraction of a percent, but we grow! However, for those with the return of the Crimea time lamenting about will.

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Of all the things I have to worry about on a daily basis, video marketing has really grabbed my attention, and I hope it’s starting to grab yours.

Video marketing is climbing in popularity because companies are realising how useful it can be to communicate with customers in new, more personal ways. If you haven’t been thinking about using video to market your brand, now is the time.

To get the ideas flowing, here are 16 facts about video marketing that will keep you up at night musing over how you can leverage the channel to better connect with customers.


YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Not Bing. Not Yahoo. But YouTube.

While everyone focuses so much on Google, YouTube is sitting there waiting to be used to generate leads.

Action Steps:

– Set up a YouTube channel.
– Choose a channel icon (think of it like your profile picture) that reflects your brand.
– Upload a trailer to introduce non-subscribers to what videos they should expect.


Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%. If you have a complicated product, or you’re just trying to raise awareness of a new innovation, videos can help customers grasp new concepts.

Action Steps:

– Post product information videos on your website, and point back to them when customers have questions.
– Create a series of videos that explain your product with varying levels of detail and complexity. Which video you show to customers depends on their knowledge level and where they are in the buying process.


26% of Internet users look for more information after viewing a video ad. If it’s a well-targeted ad that lasts in the consumer’s mind, it’ll generate more views.

Action Steps:

– Always consider your audience when creating and placing a video ad.

  • What types of videos do they appreciate?
  • What do they want to know?
  • Where do they hang out?

– Create a landing page that provides the information they’re looking for and entices them to navigate through other pages in your site.


80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watch online. This statistic really stands out to me because the web has become a chaotic, clustered place, and as a result, getting customers to remember your brand has become a daunting challenge.

Action Steps:

– Be intentional with what you put in your video ads. What do you want customers to remember? Product feature? Company name? Sales rep?
– Integrate other promotions via social media to further expose customers to the information you want them to remember.


80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety. Even highly involved customers won’t take the time to finish reading your content. When customers aren’t personally invested in your product or service yet, video is a good way to still get their attention.

Action Steps:

– Do a video post on your blog discussing a topic you would have otherwise written about.
– Track this post to see what users say about it and how they interact with it.
– See the next statistic . . .


Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video—in case you needed another reason to try incorporating video into your normal posting schedule.

Action Steps:

– Take a poll of your readers to see if they would be interested in seeing more video content.
– Research competitor blogs to see how they are using video to discuss industry-related topics.


45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes. You don’t have a lot of time to make your point, so plan each second carefully. Every moment in your video should have a purpose.

Action Steps:

– Don’t waste time with unnecessary introductions or wordy answers. Edit these parts out.
– Always have a plan and a completed script when you film to make sure you’re touching on only the important points.


Videos 15 seconds or shorter are shared 37% more often than those that last between 30 seconds to a minute. Truly—the shorter the better. Respect your customers’ time and be as concise as possible.

Action Steps:

– Keep your videos short and sweet.
– Use applications like Vine and Instagram Video—both are perfect for developing to-the-point videos.


75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. It’s always challenging trying to find new ways to interest customers. Videos can pull customers into your website.

Action Step:

– Tweet, pin, and post videos on social media to distribute them as widely as possible.


Mobile users will watch a video anywhere from 2.4 to 5 minutes. While I just used the last two points to touch on the importance of keeping video lengths manageable, there is a place for longer videos, and it turns out, mobile users are more than willing to consume longer videos.

Action Steps:

– Optimise your videos for mobile.
– Make visuals and graphics large enough to be viewed on a smaller screen.
– Make sure your video can render quickly on mobile devices.


Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. That’s less than two years away, and two-thirds is a large chunk of data. You need to have a mobile video presence by that time.

Action Steps:

– Even if it’s just one video per month that gives customers a company update, start posting—you may learn a lot from your customers’ initial feedback, and you will gain experience creating and posting videos.
– Optimise your video content so mobile viewers can have the best experience possible.


An introductory company email that includes a video receives an increase in click-through rate by 96%. That first contact with customers after they sign up for your email list is so important. You don’t want to waste it.

Action Steps:

– Use that first contact to introduce your company, employees, or even a special new product that the customer needs to know about.
– Begin incorporating video into your general email marketing strategy.
– Bonus stat: including video in an introductory email reduces the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75%.


75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Talk about a great tool for B2B businesses. Video is an effective way to share valuable information and insight with other professionals.

Action Steps:

– Connect with other professionals by targeting them with informative videos on industry-related topics.
– Use LinkedIn to better target upper-level employees with more authority.


The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Not only do videos attract more click-throughs, they also do a pretty good job of keeping customers interested in your offerings.

Action Steps:

– Use video on product landing pages to retain customers and pull them further into the sales funnel.
– Consider adding video to your homepage to introduce customers to your company, brand, and offerings.


Comedy is the most popular form of online video content among all viewers (39%). No secret here—people love to laugh. They love to be entertained, and if you can entertain them, you’ll build brand loyalty. People protect what they like.

Action Steps:

– Avoid being too stuffy with every video—show customers you’re human with a sense of humor.
– Keep your humor relevant to the industry. You still need to target an audience.


76% of marketers plan to increase their use of video marketing, making it the top area marketers will invest in for 2014. Now is the time to get your team together to start developing a video marketing strategy. The longer you wait, the less of an impact your strategy will have.

Action Steps:

– Set your goals for video marketing. What do you want to accomplish by using this channel?
– Analyse some of the most viral video marketing campaigns out there, and then start piecing together your own strategy.
– Most importantly—get creative!


As I was researching these facts, I can’t say I was very surprised. The web has become very cluttered with content. If you can reach customers visually, your message is going to stand out. The more your message stands out, the more effectively you can reach customers.

Welcome to RussianTradeCo

Welcome to RussianTradeCo!

While You are here, You will hopefully realize, that RussianTradeCo, is not only a provider of quality Products & Services, but also an important source of business information relating to the Russian and East European marketplaces.

Our Mission

.. is to become a leading provider of products and services – to the expanding new economies of Russia and other Eastern European states – within our selected business areas.

Company Profile

General information:

The Russian Trading Company A/S, Ltd. (RTC), a Danish private limited company (Danish corporate registration no. 214.527) was founded in 1993 to carry forward trading activities with Russia and other East European states, originally started 3 years earlier, by the owners of the company.

The majority shareholder of RTC is the Danish investment company, DDCA ApS (Danish corporate registration no. 108.396), also has investments within the Biochemical industry and the Software development industry.

The business mission of RTC is to become a leading provider of products and services – to the expanding new economies of Russia and other East European states – within our selected business areas.

Presently RTC is primarily involved in export from Western Europe to Russia, focusing on three main areas:

  • Food Products:
    • Datskij Dom
    • Royal Dane
  • Ventilation and in-door climate control:
    • NILAN
  • Software:
    • Concorde XAL

Since 1993, RTC has invested in 3 subsidearies – all located in the city of Moscow, Russia. Whereas, most of our activities presently are related to Russia, we are actively seeking investments in trading or production activities in the Baltic states, White Russia, and Ukraine within our business areas.

Financial information:

The Russian Trading Company A/S, Ltd.; has a registered share capital of DKK 500.000 (apprx. US$ 80.000) and the equity of the company presently exceeds US$ 300.000.

The company has been profitable every year since its founding.

The combined business activites of RTC are rapidly growing and presently exceeding an annual level of US$ 6 mio., and employing more than 30 people.