The success of the Russian “intervention campaign”

The success of the Russian “intervention campaign” in the course of the presidential elections in the United States has shown that it is time for the American counterintelligence to reconsider the methods they are using now, writes on the pages of The Daily … ias11.06.2017 Comments Not everyone is a carnival … Sebastian Roblin, a reviewer of the National Interest, questioned the military power of the USA.

floating targets

The aircraft carriers, which are considered the main strike force of the US Navy in conducting operations involving the use of non-nuclear weapons, are just “floating targets”.

The third world countries will still be frightened of them, but a serious enemy will smear on the water surface, and remember how they called. How did the symbol turn into a target? Roblin decided to compare the combat capabilities of US aircraft carriers and options for opposition from a possible adversary.

The danger to them is represented by Chinese anti-ship missiles and Russian submarines. Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles DF-21D have a flight range of about 1500 kilometers, plus they possess maneuverability, having high accuracy of defeat.

Aircraft carriers to conduct combat operations against coastal targets will have to reduce the distance, coming closer to the shore, substituting themselves for the attack of the enemy.


One missile hit from China and there is no aircraft carrier. The submarines also remain one of the main threats to the ships, regardless … ias11.06.2017EventsCommentsMany secrets from the Soviet past today are becoming known. So it happened with the case of Novocherkassk shooting. Although for the city residents the events of June 2, 1962 will forever remain in my memory. Why did the workers rise up, and what lies behind the secret mission of the symphony orchestra? ias11.06.2017Events in the worldCommentsPhoto:  The next revelations from the director Oliver Stone, who made a film epic about Vladimir Putin. Stone told The New York Times that the Russian leader admired him with his endurance, discipline and diligence.

The UK is again in the world’s leaders. After the June 8 parliamentary elections, the British Parliament became the most “iridescent” legislative body from among all the countries of the world.ias11.06.2017EventsKomendations Left and right paintings of Konstantin Vasilyev (The Man with the Filin and One). In the center is Cornelius, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church (in the world Konstantin Ivanovich Titov).

Born in Orekhovo-Zuevo (Moscow region) in the family of the Old Believers. N_ELENA Source: ias11.06.2017EventsComments The rule is actually quite simple – the later the child will wear shoes – the healthier will be his foot. True, given the climate, many of us need shoes 9 months out of 12, so it is very important to choose shoes that will deform the foot minimally.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to do without deformation … The results of studies published in authoritative medical journals: The influence of shoes on the prevalence of flat foot. 2,300 children were examined. We analyzed footprints of 2300 children ages four to 13 years old to determine the influence of shoes on the prevalence of flat foot. Influence among children who used shoes was 8.6%, compared to 2.8% among those who did not use (p less than 0.001).

Moscow was “chaotic”

The significant difference between those children who mostly went to shoes and those who were not, was seen in all age groups, especially noticeable among children with a general weakness of ligaments. A flat foot was most often seen among children who wore shoes with a closed toe, less often – among those who wore sandals or slippers, and least …

If earlier Moscow was “chaotic”, abounded with kiosks, crowds of people, beggars and drunkards, today it looks “much calmer and more groomed”, even in spite of the economic consequences … ias11.06.2017Events in the worldComments.

Under the amnesty, the youngest son of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam Qaddafi, who was captured by the armed group Abu Bakr al-Siddiq in 2011, was released. Leave his homeland, he does not intend, because he can not calmly look at the horror that is happening in the previously blooming Libya. Hatred of NATO and the US, perhaps, intensified many times after the tests that fell on his.

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